Tier One Training Center Success Stories

  • Mauricio Avila, Tier One Training Center Testimonials

    I have been going to Tier One for a month and a half now (was learning for five months in other city before). This place is great to learn Krav Maga:

    The instructors are certified and will give you constant feedback to improve quickly. They will push you to reach the next level and get you ready to defend yourself. They go to instructor training to keep improving the course...the past classes have been amazing! The content of the courses is focused on getting practical knowledge real fast into your head, and building the right habits and reflexes to have in a fight. You will learn basic fighting technique (like how to stand and use the momentum of your entire body, hips and torso to throw a really strong punch), you will learn to keep focus under stress (with drills that involve multiple attackers, defending yourself when stress is high, or when dizzy), and the krav maga principles and mindsets to do well in case of an attack.

    People going there come from a wide variety of backgrounds, so will be able to practice and learn with advance people that can teach you a lot and inspire you with their intensity and dedication, from new people with whom you will learn the fundamentals.

    Mauricio Avila
  • C.H. Joshua Yeh, Tier One Training Center Testimonials

    I have been going to Tier One for about a year and it has been an excellent experience. I have taken their Krav Maga, Circular Strength Training, TacFit Training, and Boxing classes and every class will definitely give you an efficient workout. By attending these 1 hour classes at least twice a week, I was able to see improvement in my overall health and strength in a matter of a few months.

    Their fighting classes provide practical perspective in defending yourself and friends/family from single or multiple attackers. The instructors also teach defenses against knife and gun attacks too. As a smaller-sized person, I was taught how to handle people who are larger than I am.

    Not only are the instructors excellent at tailoring their pedagogy according to the fighting experience of each person, "veteran" members of Tier One are also great at mentoring people who are new to fighting (like I was). This aspect is what set Tier One apart from other gyms: the sense of community. This is a great way of meeting others coming from diverse backgrounds, ages, etc. If you are thinking or curious about Tier One, you should take their free trial class!

    C.H. Joshua Yeh
  • Wesley Morel, Tier One Training Center Testimonials

    Tier One has something for everyone whether you're looking to learn to defend yourself (Krav Maga & Boxing) or get into great shape (TACFIT, Circular Strength Training, Mobility training) or both! I've attended for 1 year now and can attest to the level of fitness and self defense capabilities I've attained through Tier One's classes. The owners are top notch instructors, understanding their students all have differing levels of ability but always seeking to get the best out of them. They're talented but humble, and this permeates the culture of the facility. Classes are plentiful to accommodate all schedules (mornings and evenings), with class sizes that allow for direct instruction but also a variety of people to work with. They also bring in specialized guest instructors for seminars that deliver great supplementary skills & content. The facility is 2 years old, so the equipment is in great shape. Bathrooms, lockers, and changing rooms in the back. I've been elsewhere and this was the most inviting, authentic, and knowledgable gym I could find for what I was looking for. They offer a free trial class, I would highly Recommend it!

    Wesley Morel
  • Shawn Iles , Tier One Training Center Testimonials

    I have been going to Tier One for over a year. I take Krav Maga, boxing, mobility, and Tac Fit classes. I couldn’t be happier with the results. The three owners/instructors are fantastic. They are very knowledgeable, patient, and they encourage me to push my limits. The class sizes are generally small and the facility is clean. I’ve tried other gyms and systems over the years but one of the main reason I have stuck with Tier One is because they have cultivated a sense of community among the students. Egos are checked at the door. Senior students happily help newer student reach their potential. I am always eager to go there instead of dragging myself to a more traditional workout!

    Shawn Iles
  • Lee Fritz, Tier One Training Center Testimonials

    Tier One has a world class Krav Maga program. Whether your goal is self-defense or getting into shape, the trainers will push you to improve and it will be a challenging & fun experience. The staff are also the owners, so they really care about helping you achieve your best.

    Small to moderate class sizes at a variety of times. Since coming to Tier One I've improved my conditioning and learned from expert level instructors in Krav Maga. They also have excellent boxing and TacFit tracks as well. Highly recommended, for the first time in years I look forward to my workouts.

    Lee Fritz
  • Melanie Maxwell McNally, Tier One Training Center Testimonials

    I'm two weeks into a 6-week training program and cannot say enough great things about this place. The workouts are intense, challenging, and fun, while also teaching very practical and useful skills. I'm feeling so much stronger and more flexible after just two weeks! The instructors are nonjudgmental, fun, and extremely helpful. Once my class is over, both my husband and I are getting memberships and I look forward to continuing on this exciting fitness and self defense journey.

    Melanie Maxwell McNally


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